Browse this comprehensive list of books by Edith Layton and click on links to read summaries, reviews and excerpts. Her most recent novella is Dogstar (included in Regency Christmas Courtship), her latest novel is A Bride for His Convenience, and her upcoming title, To Love a Wicked Lord will be released 11/27/09 and is now available for pre-order!


His Dark and Dangerous Ways

He was a man of mystery...

Simon Atwood, Lord Granger was a handsome nobleman whose face was hounted by a secret sorrow.

Jane Chatham was an enchanting dance teacher who had good reason to be suspicious of Lord Granger's intentions.

When he enlists her help, can the well-bred young woman prove to be a worthy partner in espionage and love?

ISBN 0061253634 Avon May 2008

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Bride Enchanted is a Romantic Times 2007 Reviewers' Choice Award Nominee!

Bride Enchanted

Eve Faraday never expected to be wooed by the most eligible bachelor in London...

Skeptical of the sudden attention, she tries hard to avoid temptation, but the alluring Aubrey—and his kisses—prove impossible to resist.

But is there something mysterious, magical and primeval about her new husband?

Aubrey is not who he appears to be—that much is certain. But his feelings for Eve are true. And only when he reveals his astonishing secret will Eve realize that she and Aubrey might have a chance at a love that will last forever . . .

ISBN 0061253626 Avon September 2007

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Also Available!

For the Love of a Pirate

He's searching for a perfect bride...Constantine, Lord Wylde, is a gentleman beyond reproach. Now it's time for him to find a suitable gentlewoman to wed-a well-bred, well-behaved lady, as proper as . . . well, Constantine himself. But his plans are shattered when a fierce, aging pirate invades his home with shocking news: Constantine is already engaged . . . to the brigand's lovely granddaughter, Lisabeth!

Wildly independent Lisabeth, however, has no desire for marriage-certainly not to a straightlaced nobleman bound to her by some long-ago promise . . . even if she's tantalized by the sensuality he can't quite disguise.

But how does a staid gentleman win the heart of a bewitching pirate?

ISBN 0060757868 Avon November 2006

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How to Seduce a Bride

Daisy Tanner has taken the ton by storm and Leland Grant, Viscount Haye, wants to know everything about this ravishing, secretive woman who is tempting his friend into marriage. Though his rakish reputation is the stuff of legend, Leland is curiously undone by this exquisite creature who threatens to turn his footloose single life topsy-turvy. Never has he wanted a woman more...

Having survived a difficult past, Daisy now desires the security of an uncomplicated marriage with some safe, undemanding gentleman. But if Daisy isn't careful, her scandalous history could become common knowledge. Worse still, she might fall in love with this notorious seducer whose touch excites her like nothing has before...

ISBN 006075785X Avon June 2006

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Gypsy Lover

A reputation in ruins . . .

Lovely Meg Shaw is a respectable governess in a wealthy household -- and it is her duty to bring her charge safely home when the headstrong heiress runs away. But the perils for a young woman alone on dark English country roads pale before the dangers posed by Daffyd Reynard -- a dashing, reckless gentlemen with gypsy blood, who shadows Meg's every step. ISBN 0060757841 Avon November 2005

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Alas, My Love

Passion rarely plays by society's rules...

He was a penniless street urchin who, through sheer will and courage, became a man of means. Yet wealth, charm and good looks will not gain Amyas St. Ives entry into the ton's inner circle. For that he needs a proper wellborn bride -- not the enchanting miss who has lately stolen his heart.

Amber also knows little of her past before she was taken in as ward of a respectable family. Though the gentleman is courting her adoptive sister, Amber can feel his eyes constantly on her. And when his lips meet hers, she is nearly overcome with a desire to melt into his embrace. But the secrets that shadow their histories make a union between them impossible -- unless they dare seek a truth that could either destroy their dreams or finally sweep away the barriers to their passion.
ISBN: 0060567120 - Avon

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The Return of the Earl

Passion Comes Home

After fifteen years in cruel exile, Christian has finally returned to England to claim his rightful title. The new Earl of Egremont was a mere child when he was banished. Lovely and charming Julianne Lowell, who knew him then, must now determine if this suave and handsome mystery man is who he claims to be.

But why would she not remember those eyes that sparkle like flawless gems? Christian is like no man she has ever met - elegant and well-bred, but secretive and quite possibly dangerous, and seething with a sensual fire that steals her breath away. To trust this dashing stranger could place Julianne in grave peril if he is, in fact, playing a game of deception. But with her heart leaping madly at his slightest touch, how can she deny Christian the love and passion they both fervently desire?
ISBN: 0060567090 Avon

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Super Regencies

Surrender to Love
The Game of Love
Love in Disguise


The Duke's Wager/Lord of Dishonor Double Book
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A Love for All Seasons
Lady of Spirit
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The Duke's Wager

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Short Stories / Novellas

A Regency Christmas Courtship - "Dogstar"

Just in time for the 2005 season - an anthology of all-new Christmas novellas to warm the heart: Wooing the Wolf; The Dogstar; Lost and Found; Christmas with Dora Davenport; and Christmas Cheer. Penned by some of the best-known Regency authors around, it's the perfect stocking stuffer. Pre-order yours today by clicking here.
ISBN: 0451216814 Signet

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A Victorian Christmas - "The Bird of Paradise"
A Regency Valentine 2 - "The Legacy"
A Regency Christmas 3 - "The Dark Man"
A Regency Christmas - "The Duke's Progress"

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